I’m very excited to announce that my second book, Losing the Fig Leaf, will be published by Instant Apostle on Thursday 1st October. Each day this week I will be posting an extract here, as a little taster.

Here’s what reviewers have said:

‘This book exposes the great need of the human heart with gentleness and tenderness whilst at the same time exposing our desperate need of a better vision of God and of ourselves. …  This book moved me, challenged me, inspired me and encouraged me, but most of all it reminded me that God is deeply, deeply committed to His people and longs to hear us say, “Yes” to His staggering invitation to intimacy. I cannot commend it highly enough.’
Malcolm Duncan

‘This is a scrupulously honest book, full of spiritual insight and wise advice. It will speak to many who are longing to know and understand more of their worth in God’s eyes.’
Lucy Peppiatt

‘A beautifully honest and biblical exploration of a journey out of hiding into fullness of life as a child of God.’
Lindsay Melluish

‘Nicki’s powerful vulnerability and insightful scriptural undergirding speaks so relevantly to us today. Her story, woven through the pages, enables us to be real with ourselves, find a way to lose the fig leaf and to live in the fullness of Christ’s freedom.’
Anne Calver

‘This is a fascinating book. It takes the ancient story of Adam and Eve and shows how relevant it is for today. Nicki names the “fig leaves” we hide behind and brings fresh insight to the struggles we experience in living the abundant life Jesus offers.’
Lin Button

Do check it out!

Losing the fig leaf front cover 240715

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